Bachelor of Art in Business Management 工商管理學士學位課程
(Distance Learning Mode)

The American University Cyprus - The student may receive a general BA degree in Business Management by completing any combination of 7 electives selected from concentration (specialisation) areas.


● 4 years program - Bachelor of Art in Business Management

Year 1
BUS101 Introduction to Business & Management I
BUS102 Introduction to Business & Management II
COMP103 Computer Applications I
COMP104 Computer Applications ll
PSYC100 Psychology
MAT101 Business Mathematics I
MAT102 Business Mathematics II
EGL101 Development of Reading Skills
HIST100 National History
SOCY100 Sociology
EGL102 Development of Writing Skill
TURK100 Turkish
Year 2
BUS201 Introduction to Economics I
BUS202 Introduction to Economics II
BUS203 Financial Accounting I
BUS204 Financial Accounting II
BUS205 Statistics I
BUS206 Statistics II
BUS207 Introduction to Law
BUS208 Business Law
CS201 Communication Skills I
CS202 Communication Skills II
STJ001 Internship
Year 3
BUS301 Organisational Behaviour
BUS303 Human Resource Management
BUS305 Quantitative Methods & Forecast.
BUS307 Business Finance I
BUS308 Business Finance II
BUS310 Business Finance II
BUS309 Principles of Marketing
BUS302 E-Commerce
BUS304 Operations Management
BUS306 Management Information Systems
Year 4
BUS401 International Business
BUS402 Strategic Management
BUS403 Globalisation & Economic Integration
  + 7 Technical Electives
Technical Electives
Accounting Electives
BUS410 Auditing
BUS411 Cost Accounting
BUS412 Financial Statement Analysis
BUS413 Managerial Accounting
BUS414 Taxation
BUS416 Financial Planning & Control
BUS417 Advanced Accounting
BUS430 Comparative Accounting Standards
Banking & Finance Electives
BUS412 Financial Statement Analysis
BUS414 Taxation
BUS422 Project Evaluation & Investment Management
BUS423 International Finance
BUS424 Commercial Banking Management
BUS425 Portfolio Theory & Management
BUS426 Financial Institutions & Markets
BUS427 International Banking
International Business Management Electives
BUS418 Small Business Seminar
BUS420 Contemporary Issues in Business
BUS423 International Finance
BUS427 International Banking
BUS445 Workshop in Exports & Imports
BUS455 Marketing Research
BUS456 International Marketing
BUS462 Cross-Cultural Studies in Organisations
Marketing Electives
BUS418 Small Business Seminar
BUS450 Consumer Behaviour
BUS451 Sales Management
BUS452 Advertisement & Promotion Management
BUS453 Brand Management
BUS454 Logistic Management
BUS455 Marketing Research
BUS456 International Marketing
BUS457 Marketing Strategy
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