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Programme 1. One-Year Diploma in Management Studies
    (30credits / 10 subjects)

2. Two-Year Associate Diploma in Management Studies
    (60 credits / 20 subjects)

3. Three-Year Advanced Diploma in Management Studies
    (90 credits / 30 subjects)

An applicant must meet one of the conditions below :
1. A combination of a Pass Grade in one A Level (HKALE or
    GEC “A” Level) subject or in two AS Level subjects and
    passes in 3 HKCEE ( or GCSE”O” Level) subjects; or
2. TOEFL score of 500 plus College Entrance Examination
    Board (CEEB) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score of total
    900 or above; or
3. As a mature student at least aged 21; or
4. Such qualifications as are deemed equivalent to 1-3.

Course Structure

Core Courses (3 credits per subject)
Principles of Accounting I Principles of Accounting II
Cost Accounting Management Accounting
Business Communication Principles of Management
Human Resources Management Principles of Marketing
Advertising Consumer Behaviour
Retailing Production and Operations Management
Business Finance Business Law
Organizational Behavior Socio-political Environment for Business
International Management International Banking and Finance
Project Management Total Quality Management
Principles of Economics I Principles of Economics II
Small Business Management Organizational Development & Change
Management Economics Quantitative Decision-Making for Business
Strategic Management  

Elective Courses (3 credits per subject)
Introduction to Anthropology Art History
General Life Sciences Introduction to Computer Science
Mathematics for Computing Introduction to Information Systems
Problem Solving and Programming English Language Skills
English for Academic Purposes I English for Academic Purposes II
World Geography Introduction to Government
Statistics College Mathematics
Business Calculus Logic
Differential Equations Linear Algebra
Applied Discrete Mathematics Music Appreciation
Hiking Introduction to Philosophy
General Physics I General Physics II
Introduction to Psychology Physical Science
Introduction to Sociology Fundamentals of Speech
Western Civilization I Western Civilization II
Survey of Chinese Literature History of Chinese Civilization

Study Path  

Carlson College - Advanced Diploma in Management Studies Programme
Transfer to
Bemidji State University, USA (美國伯米吉州立大學)
BSc in Business Administration Programme

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